Who says that trees are only for Christmastime? One Christmas when it was time to take down the tree, I said to myself, “I wish it could just stay up all year!”.  No, I was not being lazy, well maybe I was, but I just really like the feeling of Christmas. I did take down the gigantic 9 foot Christmas tree and I left up two pencil trees and a dress form to celebrate every holiday I could think of! Visitors to my home think I’m crazy I know, but my family and I enjoy celebrating everything. It makes us happy and that’s all that matters.

This year I will share my trees with the BeFabDaily family. Hopefully my trees will bring just as much joy to you as they do to us! Cue the Celebrate Good Times, C’mon, Kool and the Gang song!!!

This is my Mardi Gras tree. In my neck of the woods, we celebrate the Carnival season which starts on January 6th, the Feast of the Epiphany and ends at midnight on Mardi Gras Day or Fat Tuesday, which is the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. During the Carnival season, we eat king cakes, attend parades, debutante balls, other balls and we have a ball! It’s an exciting time to an otherwise boring time of year in other parts of the country. The Mardi Gras tree is popular in these parts and the ornaments are plentiful. My tree is adorned with fleur de lis’, king cakes, babies, crowns, musical instruments and the colors purple, gold and green.


I couldn’t just stop there because I am so extra, as the kids say. I also style my dress form, who I affectionately refer to as Joy, for a Mardi Gras Ball.  Joy’s décor pays homage to the Krewe of Muses, an all-female Mardi Gras Parade whose signature throws are hand-decorated shoes! How fabulous is that!


Now since I have already established myself as extra, I can’t forget about Valentine’s Day! That’s right folks, I have a Valentine’s tree too. How stinking cute is this tree with pink and red hearts everywhere!

If you feel inspired, start small. Find a decorative tree with branches, dress form or pencil tree and get started. If you decide to put one up, you know the drill: tag us on Instagram!


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