Mel’s Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Her

It’s that season again folks! Whether you’re ready or not, it’s coming, so why not be ready? With the popularity and vastness of the internet, your choices seem unlimited. This can be both good and bad. The endless amount of merchandise can be quite overwhelming, so this is where I come in. I have a few suggestions for holiday gifts for that special woman in your life. Hopefully this list will help you select the perfect gift. The affiliate links (explained at the end of the post) will be provided below the photos, making your shopping even easier.

1. Silk

The silk pillowcase is perfect for both women and girls. These fine fibers are both great for hair and skin. The harsh fabric that pillowcases are usually composed of wreak havoc on hair, especially around the hairline. The smooth silk fibers help to reduce friction, leaving the hair undamaged and less frizzy. In addition, a silk pillowcase aids in decreasing the lines and creases that form on the face during sleep.

The silk pillowcase ranges in price from $85-$105 depending on size:


The silk sleep mask is also an option. It blocks the light while sleeping whether you’re at home or on a long flight. The smooth silk fibers are perfect for contact with the delicate skin around your eyes. This is also perfect for someone who works at nighttime and has to sleep during the daytime.

The eye mask is $50:


This sleep mask and standard pillowcase combo is great if you want to give someone both gifts at once. The cost is $119:


2. The Yeti Cup

The Yeti Cup’s popularity may have waned, but it’s still perfect for keeping beverages cold or hot. The cup is shatterproof, spill proof and fits in vehicle cup holders. They come in a variety of sizes and colors too. There are many imitators out there, but nothing compares to the Yeti!

Yeti Cup 30 oz is $34.99:


3. Coffee Table Book

The Coffee Table Book is a great gift for anyone, especially women. Just pick a topic that the person is interested in and purchase a book on that topic in hardback. You are giving a gift of education and home decor at once! Check out the one below!

Louis Vuitton Coffee Table Book $59.99. Now try buying another piece of Louis Vuitton for that price!


4. Kimono Robe

The Kimono Robe is special because it is both a robe and a fashionable outfit! The robe can be worn as a normal robe is worn, in the home for coverage or warmth. It can also be worn as a dress or a duster over an outfit. Another advantage is that it only comes in one size which fits most. If you’re confused about size, this will eliminate those worries.






Kimono Robe in printed silk $149 :


5. Transparent Cult Gaia Ark Bag

If you’ve been following the blog or our Instagram page for a while, then you know that I am a handbag addict. Of course I could not write a list of holiday gift ideas for women without mentioning at least one handbag! Cult Gaia is a hip brand that makes the ark bag, which has been all the rage for the past couple of years. The original bags and their copies are usually made of light brown bamboo. I selected the bag below because it has the shape of the ark bag but is transparent acrylic instead of bamboo! I like that this bag combined the ark bag trend with the transparent bag trend. Besides, it’s unique and different and who wants to look like everybody else? This bag is perfect for your hip, young sister, niece, friend, etc.

Transparent Cult Gaia Ark bag $227 :


6. Ugg Slippers

Slippers are necessities for most women, but they don’t have to be boring! Who could resist the comfort and warmth of Uggs made into slippers? The slippers below are made of durable suede and lined with wool made to feel like shearling. They are available in multiple colors and whole sizes.

Ugg Water Resistant Slippers $84.95 :


7. Clinique Lipstick Set

Most women wear lipstick, even if it’s only for special occasions. Of all the makeup, it’s the least difficult to apply. The multi-color lipstick set below is fantastic because it contains a variety of colors which complement nearly every complexion and it’s hypoallergenic. Think of this for a teenager or a stocking stuffer for a woman who likes makeup.

Clinique Chubbettes Set $42.08 :


8. Kendra Scott Necklace

Jewelry is always a good choice for women. A necklace tends to be easier to size than a ring or a bracelet. Kendra Scott is a very popular fashion jewelry designer who makes fabulous jewelry liked by women of all ages. This necklace comes in a variety of metals and stones. The one below is in the popular rose gold metal with a rose colored drusy stone. It’s a safe, affordable bet for a great gift.

Kendra Scott Drusy Necklace $65 :


9. Beats by Dr. Dre Earbuds

Earbuds are a great gift for men, women and children. Women can keep a pair in their purse for easy access and to listen to music or talk on their cell phones. They come in a variety of colors with a soft ear tip, which is comfortable and easy to fit.

Beats by Dr. Dre urBeats3 Earphones $59.99 :


10. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera

Instant cameras have been back for a few years now and make the perfect gift for women and teens. The cameras are available in a variety of colors. The instant photos come in handy for scrapbooks, labeling shoe boxes and school projects for teenagers. There are also great accessories for these cameras such as protective cases and photo albums.

Fujifilm Instant Camera $59.99 :


I hope you enjoyed this post on holiday gift ideas for women. If you’re new to the blog, welcome. If you’re old, welcome back. If you have questions or comments, please write them below. Also, I have included an explanation of affiliate links below in case you are wondering what they are. Happy Shopping!

***What are affiliate links? It’s a way that bloggers and influencers make money for recommending items to their readers or viewers. Stores and companies pay bloggers a small percentage (usually 1-4.5% of the purchase price) in exchange for advertising for them. For example, if you buy the pillowcase/eye mask combo above for $119, our blog will make $5.95. The price is the same for you regardless of clicking our link. The tiny earnings from our affiliate links help us to cover the cost of running the blog.


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