Hawaii 2018

This was a picture I took from the airplane on our descent into the Honolulu airport. Breathtaking! This trip was a surprise to the family from my husband during Thanksgiving vacation 2018. Needless to say, we were all over-the-moon excited about this trip. We all had different agendas before we even landed. My husband just wanted to get away. My son wanted to visit Pearl Harbor. My daughter wanted to be on the beach and do water sports. Guess what I wanted to do? You guessed it. Shop!

Above, another tourist snapped this pic of us on the way to the beach. It’s the only family photo we managed to take the entire visit. Thank goodness we took it because we were able to use it for the 2018 Christmas photo.

Above is the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.  This was the closest we could get to it because it was under construction. I was so relieved that my son was not too disappointed. We watched a documentary before taking the ferry boat to this site. This was enough for my daughter and me. The movie was so sad that I cried a river! My son and my husband went on to see the Bowfin submarine. My daughter and I decided to visit the gift shop. By the time we were done, the tour bus was ready for boarding. My son happily reported that he needed to return and very soon. He went back the next day with my husband to see the USS Missouri Museum. My daughter and I stayed behind at the hotel and relaxed, LOL!

Above, my daughter, one of the BeFabDaily girlz, got her beach fix, but was disappointed because the Pacific water was not like the bathtub temperatures of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea that she was accustomed to. She said that the water was too cold to play in. While my son and I relaxed (napped) on the beach, my husband took her riding on a giant tricycle in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Judging by the look on her face, she had a blast!

Above, I was in shopping heaven. The shopping in Waikiki was epic! There was a humongous indoor/outdoor mall called the Alamoana Center. We visited this mall twice, even on Black Friday, and we still did not even see an eighth of it! This mall had almost every luxury store you could think of. Our hotel, Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki, had a Louis Vuitton boutique connected to it. There was also an area called Luxury Row where there are numerous boutiques and restaurants. I bought Christmas presents for family and friends and of course a few goodies for my self. If you want to see what we bought, check out the videos on our Instagram page on IGTV.

We did other fun things like feasting on a roasted pig at a luau for Thanksgiving dinner and visiting an outdoor flea market that encircles the Aloha football stadium. Overall, I think it was the best family vacation ever! I didn’t want to go home…

If you’re interested in going to Oahu, Honolulu, Waikiki, Hawaii, click the links to see what we did.


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