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Henna to Cover your Grays

I believe gray hair is quite beautiful on men and women. There are plenty of people rocking their gray hair and they look fabulous, at least in my opinion. There is even a trend now where younger people are purposely coloring their hair gray because it’s current and they obviously can’t wait for it to come in naturally, LOL! But for those of us who … Read More Henna to Cover your Grays

Hair Care: Porosity

    So what does this roof photo have to do with hair care? Keep reading to find out. When I went back to natural, I never thought much about the care of my hair. When my hair was chemically treated, I relied mainly on a professional stylist. I initially thought that taking care of my natural hair would not be that difficult. After … Read More Hair Care: Porosity

Hair Care: Building a Hair Care Regimen

      Photo by huyenxu94 from I mentioned that I have natural hair in an earlier post. Some of you may be curious about how I care for my hair. If so, please continue reading. There are three main parts to a hair care regimen for any type of hair: Cleanse, Condition and Style. Photo by nitanever from Cleanse Everyone will … Read More Hair Care: Building a Hair Care Regimen

Why I went back to natural

Stock Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels I can’t remember when I first got a relaxer, but I can guess by looking at school pictures. My hair looked at least “texturized” on my kindergarten picture. According to my mother, my hair was super thick and super long. She said we would both cry in the mornings before daycare. My grandmother tried to help … Read More Why I went back to natural