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OOTD #3 – Pearl Edition

  This is the final look of this week’s Outfit of the Day (OOTD) – Pearl Edition. If you haven’t already, please check out the two previous posts. Outfit #3 features faux pearls scattered on a white blouse with bell sleeves draped over green trousers with tapered legs. The pearl details dress-up an otherwise casual outfit that can now be worn to the office … Read More OOTD #3 – Pearl Edition

Tia Whittington’s Chic Boutique, HKyle

What began as a hobby and  extra income evolved into a dream come true. Tia Whittington, a graduate of St. Joseph’s Academy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Louisiana State University, also in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was working as a teacher when she came to work one day in one of her own designs. Tia had a talent for monogramming and embroidery, and wore one … Read More Tia Whittington’s Chic Boutique, HKyle

OOTD #2- Pearl edition

  As promised in my last post, Girls Love Pearls, I have styled another Outfit of the Day (OOTD) featuring pearls. Today’s look can take you from a hectic day at work to a fabulous Happy Hour by the pool.  The faux pearls lined on the cuffs add a touch of elegance to an otherwise boring black turtleneck. The multicolored tweed skirt with the … Read More OOTD #2- Pearl edition

Girls Love Pearls

Is it just me or have you noticed that pearls are everywhere this season? I mean everywhere! I’ve seen them from head to toe, literally! From beanies to the heels of shoes, designers from Steve Madden to Stuart Weitzman to Gucci have chosen to feature pearls on their merchandise. They’re on sweaters, shirts and even jeans. You can find them at just about any … Read More Girls Love Pearls

Forays Into Flossy’s Closet: Chanel Handbags

When I was a little girl I loved to play in my mother’s designer laden closet. I loved to walk around in her shoes, model her clothes in the mirror, and play make believe with her handbags. When I grew older and I was able to wear some of her things, she practically had to fight me off with a broom to keep me … Read More Forays Into Flossy’s Closet: Chanel Handbags

Louis Vuitton Historical Trivia

  It’s obvious by now that Louis Vuitton is my favorite fashion house based upon the number of posts on the subject. I’m attracted to the brand’s aesthetic and vintage appeal. I enjoy the old stories of how a poor French boy moved to Paris and started a small luggage company in 1854 that grew into an empire! In this post, I will discuss … Read More Louis Vuitton Historical Trivia

LV Clapton Update

  Since my last Clapton post, the new bag finally made it to the Louis Vuitton website and they are going fast! The official names of the colors are Noir (black), Raisin (maroon) and Magnolia (pink). The Noir color is no longer available online, but you can call the 1-866-VUITTON or your local boutique for availability. As of this posting, the Magnolia and Raisin … Read More LV Clapton Update

Move over Pochette Metis! The Clapton has arrived!

    The internet has been all a buzz about the new Clapton recently released by Louis Vuitton. Since it is so new, it is not even listed on the LV website and many people have only been able to see it on social media. Only a few boutiques, such as The LV store in Atlanta’s Lenox Square Mall, have the bag in stock. … Read More Move over Pochette Metis! The Clapton has arrived!

Road Trippin

Mel and I thought it would be fun to take a road trip to the city to shop and take our own pics of our favorite designer bags for our budding blog. So we ditched our day jobs and headed for Saks Fifth Avenue in New Orleans. I was a little apprehensive as I was not sure what the store allowed in the way … Read More Road Trippin

Luxury-ish Finds January 2018

I am definitely a lover of luxury fashion, but I don’t frown upon designer-inspired fashion. Let’s face it, not everyone has unlimited funds. Even those that do may not choose to spend a lot of their money on depreciating assets such as clothes, shoes and handbags. For those that want the look for less, I say more power to you! In honor of all … Read More Luxury-ish Finds January 2018

Gianvito Rossi Gives Class, Comfort, and Attention to Detail

Gianvito Rossi is the talented son of famed shoe designer Sergio Rossi. He learned the craft of designing shoes under the tutelage of his father and struck out on his own in 2006. His creations are beautiful and show great attention to detail. His stilettos often include the signature high back. He strives to make alluring shoes that are also functional and minimize foot … Read More Gianvito Rossi Gives Class, Comfort, and Attention to Detail

My Ancient Japanese Handbag

I spend a lot of my free time on YouTube. I am so impressed with the amount of information I have learned with very little effort. I am relatively young,  but I  still finished college before there was the Internet. I had to do research the old fashioned way using the Dewey Decimal System and microfiche film. I am used to working hard to … Read More My Ancient Japanese Handbag