It’s obvious by now that Louis Vuitton is my favorite fashion house based upon the number of posts on the subject. I’m attracted to the brand’s aesthetic and vintage appeal. I enjoy the old stories of how a poor French boy moved to Paris and started a small luggage company in 1854 that grew into an empire! In this post, I will discuss little known historical facts about this famous brand.

Did you know that the first print was not the Monogram Canvas? The Monogram Canvas is the famous or infamous (depends on who you ask) print which is a brown print with tan LV’s. Considered to be ostentatious by some and fabulous by most, it is by far the most recognizable pattern of all LV prints. Contrary to popular belief, the Damier Ebene print (dark checkerboard pattern) was the first print. Louis Vuitton himself created the Damier Ebene pattern in 1888. The Monogram Canvas print, which is now synonymous with the brand, was created by Louis’ son Georges Vuitton in 1896. The Damier Ebene pattern was reintroduced for the centennial anniversary in 1988.


Did you know that the Alma bag was a special commission bag? The Alma bag, one of the top three iconic LV bags, was originally named Champs of Elysees for a street in Paris in the 1930s. The name was subsequently changed to the Alma for a bridge in Paris. Rumor has it that Gaston-Louis Vuitton created the bag as a special order for the famous Coco Chanel!


Did you know that the Speedy bag, another LV icon, is also linked to another famous dame?  The first bag was 30 cm in width and considered too large by a well-known actress. Guess who? It was The Breakfast with Tiffany star, Audrey Hepburn! She decided that the Speedy 30 was too big for her so she requested a smaller bag which is now known as the Speedy 25 (shown above in Damier Ebene pattern). The bag is now available in multiple sizes usually referred to by its length in centimeters (20, 25, 30, etc). I suppose we should thank Audrey for providing us with variety!

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