The internet has been all a buzz about the new Clapton recently released by Louis Vuitton. Since it is so new, it is not even listed on the LV website and many people have only been able to see it on social media. Only a few boutiques, such as The LV store in Atlanta’s Lenox Square Mall, have the bag in stock. The bag is comparable to the highly sought after Pochette Metis in shape and its cross-body options. Both are rectangular with a detachable, adjustable strap or bandoulier; however, the Clapton is a combination of the Damier Ebene Canvas and leather! This is a welcomed change from the nearly all Monogram Canvas Pochette Metis (there is a top handle with vachetta leather). Similar to the Pochette Metis, the Clapton has a very fancy gold hardware clasp entry embellished with gold rivets. There is a back slit pocket made of leather instead of the zip pocket of the Pochette Metis.  The Clapton does not have the Pochette Metis’ top handle, but it does have 4 adorable gold metal feet! The leather color options include a pale pink (magnolia), maroon (marine rouge) and black.  The Clapton’s price point is comparable at $1950; the Pochette Metis is $1830. Do you think this will be the new “it” bag? I predict that the Clapton is definitely the one to watch!!!

Above: The Pochette Metis


Above: Thanks to AzlinaLV for the Clapton photos.


1 Comment on “Move over Pochette Metis! The Clapton has arrived!

  1. Lovely bag, although I have to say I prefer the Pochette Metis a taaad bit over the Clapton. Love that there is no vachetta so it’s carefree!


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