I am Nat, a lawyer by trade, and the other half of the BeFabDaily dynamic duo. Although I have practiced law for many years my background is in English, journalism and creative writing. I am a creative spirit and have a passion for fashion and all things fabulous. My motto is Be Fabulous Everyday, a positive outlook that always makes me smile. I’m witty and goofy and fashionable and my inclination toward all things fabulous started early.

I was cluelessly wearing Calvin Klein Jeans in the first grade when an older kid pointed out that I was only 6 years old and wearing Calvin’s. That was because I have a stylish and fabulous mom that outfitted me in designer jeans and monogrammed sweaters from Saks Fifth Avenue practically from birth. I often joke that I emerged from the womb in 4 inch heels and that I am never fully dressed without red lipstick.

Every fall of my early years my mom and I did a huge shopping trip at Saks. And when I wanted to branch out to Bloomingdales to be like my bestie my mom and I made weekly Saturday trips to White Flint Mall in Bethesda, Maryland where we expanded our fun to I. Magnin and Lord and Taylor. Other favorites growing up were the Neiman Marcus at Mazza Gallerie and Garfinkles.

I spent much of my childhood watching my mom buy scores of Ferragamos from a dapper shoe salesman named Nick and when my mom evolved into personal shopping in the late 80’s, I frequently tagged along. As a tween I lunched on caviar and creme fraiche at private designer trunk shows and watched well dressed men teeter trays of champagne to hand out to invited guests.

We were not rich but we were fortunate and shopping for designer clothes was both an outlet and an art form. Beautiful clothes and shoes made my mother’s eyes sparkle and I was equally smitten.

Each time I shopped with mom I would get something too. My mom cultivated my love of beautiful things and my sense of style. To this day my makeup is usually by Chanel, my nails are always polished, my bags are usually designer (although I am not above a good schlep tote from Target), and I am frequently well heeled.

When I entered college in Washington, DC and my parents moved to the south, my mom matched me up with a personal shopper and a Nordstrom credit card. Although I am sure heaven is better I can’t imagine how much. I was well outfitted for campus life. Being well put together on the outside certainly influenced how I felt on the inside.

As an adult living in a small town in the south I do not have as much access to the fine stores that surrounded me in my youth. I have learned to navigate the world of online shopping as times have changed. Still nothing beats the pure euphoria the personal experience of shopping for fine things brings. I love to touch the beautiful fabrics, try on fabulous shoes and dress my dreams. Although I love luxury brands, I do enjoy fashion on many levels and believe that true style comes from within. A good friend of mine often muses that I can put together a fantastic outfit from any number of stores, low end to high end, and still be well styled.

Some may find the love of beautiful things to be shallow, and that is ok. To each his own. But to those who share my passion I say this……

Dressing well is an art form and you must have an eye for it. Your own stamp and your own signature style is a gift, and you can create your own style while drawing ideas from many places. Being stylish comes with icons. All of us stylish girls have them. Chief among mine are Gabrielle Chanel, Iman, Catherine Deneueve and my mother. Modern day style mistresses for me are Olivia Palermo, Amal Clooney, Huma Abedin and more.

Through BeFabDaily I invite you to journey with me from fashion’s past to examine vintage style and travel all the way to modern times.  Then use your imagination to evolve into becoming fashion forward. The art of fashion reflects our culture, what we believe in and who we are. As with everything in life it changes often yet stays the same and lives through the souls that breathe it to life.

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